Summer Vacation

Back from vacation. As per internet rules, I must post pictures or it didn't happen. My cousin who lives a few miles outside of Philadelphia opened her new, awesome home to me, Mansi, my little sister and two other cousins. We based out of her place and travelled to "nearby" tourist spots.

Day 1 - Downtown Philadelphia
We were all a little tired from the previous days drive up so we went into Philadelphia and visited the Eastern State Penitentiary. Choice quote goes to my little sister who said, "These prison cells are larger than my dorm room." We then proceeded to the Liberty Bell, which was cool to see. Ended the day with some falafel at Maoz, one of my favorite fast food restaurants.

Eastern_state_model Liberty_bell

Day 2 - Chill
I did nothing. Seriously nothing. I sat on a super comfortable couch, watched TV on Demand all day. It was awesome

Day 3 - NYC
We all piled in a car and drove to NYC. We went to see the Statue of Liberty, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, ate at Grimaldi's Pizza, saw the Empire State Building and walked around Times Square. Most importantly, I visited the 5th Ave. Apple Store.

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Day 4 - DC
Much longer day. We drove to a train station and took the train into DC. First place we visited was the Whitehouse, followed by Air and Space and Natural History museum. We were really lucky that museums were open until 7:30. Even so it wasn't enough time but it was still great to see what we could. We then walked to the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and finally the Lincoln Memorial. 

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Day 5 - Ocean City, NJ
Just wanted to hang out at the beach. Had fried Oreos, didn't eve know that was a thing. Dug a hole under our beach towels and tricked a cousin into falling into the hole. Good times until...I cut my foot up on some shelled creatures between slippery rocks which I was jumping around on. 


Raksha Bandhan
The highlight of this trip was having my cousin Hima give me a rakhi for Raksha Bandhan after a long time. She gave me the one with the Om symbol.


A whole lotta driving...

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