Silence of Athens

It’s not often that I get to come visit my grandmother in TN. She lives here with my father’s younger brother and sister which is slightly at odds with tradition but it is the way it is. No particular reason for this arrangement, only because at one time it was more beneficial for her to be here helping my uncle than with my father. When I do come up here, I like to just sit around with her. Sometimes we watch TV, my grandmother used to love watching Double Dare and she doesn’t care for Rachel Ray. Sometimes we talk about Mansi because she wants to know that I’m happy. I follow her around wherever she goes trying to help out in her random chores. I may not be tall in the world at large but I’m a good 8 inches taller than almost all the women in my family. I’m pretty good at moving heavy things around too. :)

With my uncle and his wife in India, there aren’t many people here right now. Like I said earlier, Mansi and my cousins are out at a graduation party and the only people at home are my aunt, grandmother and myself. We’re all quiet people. The only things that break the silence are a ringing phone, laborers at the Mexican restaurant next door yelling and eventually, the arrival of my cousins. They’ll be back soon, they’ll say, “Nimu bhai, < insert question >”.

For now, my grandmother will continue to peel some vegetable, my aunt will deal with people calling the front desk of the motel and I’ll just sit here and grow closer to my grandmother without saying a word.