Routing around Atlanta traffic using a hand drawn map

Mansi and I like to go see my parents on the weekends. To avoid the traffic we've been using an alternate route for getting out of the city and past a good bit of interstate traffic. The first time we wanted to try this new route out our printer wasn't working, so I busted out the trusty legal pad and pen and got to work. I drew two routes in cased we missed Flippen Rd., which is easy to do because there is no traffic light or stop sign at the intersection of N. Henry Blvd and Flippen Rd.


Since then, we've discovered a slightly better route that avoids traffic in town by traveling on south on Boulevard until it dead ends and then going east to get onto Moreland before the 675 on-ramp. As a bonus when you dead end on Boulevard you will be directly across a Federal Prison Camp and Penitentiary that has a great review on Google.

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