Photos From Mom & Dad's Visit

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San Francisco: Chinatown, Gott's Roadside @ Ferry Building, Lombard St., Golden Gate Bridge

Dsc02085 Dsc02101 Dsc02098 Dsc02097

Muir Woods: Very chilly day in the woods.

Dsc02107 Dsc02115 Dsc02124

Monterey Bay: We saw dolphins and whales, but no good pics of them. In their place I present my dad looking cool and a dog on a surfboard.

Dsc02129 Dsc02144 Dsc02153 Dsc02147

Santa Cruz: Later half of Monterey Bay day was spent in Santa Cruz.

Note: While these only represent the time spent with them outside of the house doing "fun" things, nothing compares to the happiness of just hanging out with them in a day-to-day setting. Most importantly, morning tea.