My version of the CHI 2010 Program and Authors list

Edit February 09, 2010 : I added a page to sort by affiliations.

So I took some time to design what I think is a nice way to browse the CHI 2010 conference schedule. The Program page allows you to filter program by strings that appear in Session Titles, Paper Titles, Authors or Location. Additionally, to see the papers in a particular session you click to expand. You could also use it to make a quick personalized program by expanding sessions of interest and printing out the result. Clicking on any author will take you to the Author page and show you all of the authors papers. The Author page allows you to jump by starting letter of last name or filter by any part of the name. For each paper listed for an author clicking on any fellow authors will filter to the papers written by the fellow author. Each paper is also accompanied by the session it is in. Clicking there will take you back to the Program page and an expanded view of that session. In both cases the filtering is done live as you type. All of the filtering is done on the client side using Javascript. You can type accented characters directly into the search boxes.

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