Keywurl and Safari 5.1: A Temporary Solution

I've received a few emails about this so I thought it would be best to just make a quick post about it. 

Back in June 2010 when Safari 5 came out it was pretty easy to make Keywurl work by just editing the Info.plist file. Details on that hack are here. However, this same hack doesn't really work with Safari 5.1. While it prevents Keywurl from causing an error when Safari 5.1 starts, it does not allow Keywurl to actually fulfill its purpose.

In the meantime, I am using Safari Omnibar which currently just uses non-URL text as input to Google search but aspires to go further and make the Safari location bar functionally identical to the Chrome location bar. To perform keyword searches from anywhere I switched to Alfred (an app similar to Quicksilver or Launchbar), which has custom keyword searches, and wrote a little script to take all of my Keywurl customizations and add them to Alfred.