James Landay's Top 10 Reasons To Attend Ubicomp 2011

  1. meet world class ubicomp researchers
  2. immerse yourself in the magical, ancient culture of China
  3. Dine in The Great Hall of the People on Tian'anmen Square
  4. Visit top industry labs & research institutes
  5. See the largest mobile phone market in the world first hand
  6. Present to the top students in China & impact their future research
  7. Very low registration, hotel, & food costs (NOTE: we will have some sponsored grad travel grants!)
  8. Optional tours to Great Wall, Forbidden City, & Summer Palace
  9. PC asked to select research they are passionate about -> excitement!
  10. Celebrate 20th anniversary of Weiser's SciAm article--special panel

These are gathered from @landay's Twitter stream. They were tweeted in the order presented here but it was a count down.