Jacksonville Day 1

Mansi and I left home after lunch, after a quick stop in Valdosta we were at the Florida border. The Florida welcome center was a good place to pick up some literature on Jacksonville and St. Augustine. They also give you free orange juice. They had these cool cut outs that I couldn’t resist posing in.

Mansi is actually this size Closest I'll get to watersports

We finally got to our hotel around 4PM and checked in. It’s a pretty nice place and we got a room that is facing the lake. With limited daylight ahead of us we went to the mall to do some casual shopping and grab a bite to eat. After sharing a sub and a slice of Sbarro, Mansi and I wandered the mall. Everything was fine until Mansi spotted a 75% off sign at Victoria’s Secret. That captured her attention more than the rhythm got Estefan. We finally escaped and then I was captured by a 50% off all books sale at a closing bookstore. I made a few great purchases. I got all 3 of these for $25. Oh, and I saw an awesome fake iPod Shuffle, at least it has a screen :).

Pattern Recognition, Blink, Science Fiction Treasury fake iPod Shuffle