HFCS Pepsi vs Pepsi Throwback

Note : The results presented here are entirely non scientific.

THE CHALLENGE : In a variation on the Pepsi v. Coke taste challenge, I decided that it would be fun to do a Pepsi Throwback vs HFCS Pepsi challenge. Here's how it works:

  1. Each participant is given 3 cups. One marked "A", one marked "B" and the third is plain water for rinsing in between sips.
  2. Each participant tastes from the cups "A" and "B" with water in between.
  3. Each participant answers 2 questions: Which cup is the Pepsi Throwback? and Which one do you like the best?


PARTICIPANTS : Nirmal, Mansi, Rebecca, Mike

RESULTS : All 4 participants correctly identified cup "A" as the one with Pepsi Throwback. However, the participants were evenly split regarding which Pepsi they preferred. To sum up the results, Mike made a quick graph: