First attempt at poached eggs

I recently watched the first episode of FoodMob and learned just how simple it is to cook poached eggs. So today, I took my first crack at it and I think it was a success. I followed a pretty straight forward recipe/process:

  1. Put about 3 inches of water in a pot. I don't have a sauce pan.
  2. Add a teaspoon of vinegar for each cup of water used.
  3. Get water boiling.
  4. While water is boiling, crack an egg into a small bowl and get some toast started.
  5. After water is boiling, turn down heat so water is just simmering.
  6. Spin water around so you get a little whirlpool.
  7. Slide egg into middle of whirlpool and wait about a minute.
  8. Go grab toast while waiting for egg, may be burning by now.
  9. Scoop egg out of water with slotted spoon and drop it on the toast.
  10. I threw a little black pepper and some salt on top.

Dsc01118 Dsc01119

P.S. I like my yoke a little runny, if you want it to be solid then just leave it in the water a bit longer.